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1. Celebration of the World Post Day on the 9th October 2010.

The company took part in the celebrations of the World Post Day every year, to acknowledge the Post’s contribution to the economy of the country and to thank the employees for the year’s work which resulted in the financial success of the company.



2. Letter Writing Competition

The company conducted a letter writing competition for the children of Samoa, The theme for this competition was the “Importance of Learning about AIDS and how to protect yourself” The prize giving was on the 9thof October 2010, commemorating the World Post Day. Here are the children who won this competition.



3. Universal Postal Union Consultant Visit for MIP Project 2009/2012

The company also noted with gratitude the assistance offered by our mother union UPU for Samoa Post for the period 2007-2010, together with the new project 2009/2012. The consultant’s visit coincides with the celebration of the World Post Day in Samoa.



4. Unit Trust Launch

Launching of the Unit Trust and Samoa Post Partnership on the 22nd December 2010 at Samoa Post Office at Matafele. Samoa Post is now the Distribution Agent for the UTOS. This allows greater accessibility for the citizens of Samoa, who are and will be interested in the purchasing of units from the UTOS, utilizing our main office at Matafele, and our 4 District Post Offices in Savaii.
The paramount objective of this partnership is to promote savings and investments for the people of Samoa, through collective ownership of units from the UTOS.


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