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Multi Integrated Project (MIP)


The three (3) new vehicles were launched on the 15th December 2011 together with our Dateline Change Stamp Issue. These vehicles were funded under a joined project by SamoaPost and the Universal Postal Union, to renew the company’s fleet.


Samoa Post Company is grateful for this great assistance from the Universal Postal Union, in ensuring the improvement of delivery services for the people of Samoa.



Samoa currently sits east of the dateline - which cuts through the middle of the Pacific - meaning that it is 11 hours behind GMT and is one of the last places on Earth to see out the day. Under the change it will be among the first of the world's countries to greet the dawn.

After passing a law to change its dateline location, Samoa will define its future on December 29th 2011 when it moves west across the dateline to join its Pacific partners in furthering its commercial future. The nation’s “move” will mean it will skip December 30th this year, effectively taking it a day into the future. The move will align Samoa and its time zone with its major trading partners, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.


With this leap towards the future, Samoa Post marked this change with a special stamp issue to commemorate this historical event in the country.  You can witness the change in the beauty of our stamps together with the First Day Cover which further illustrates the rationale behind this historical change for Samoa.


The special stamp issue was officially launched on the 15th December 2011, ahead of the actual change.



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