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Postal Services in General

Samoa Post Company can send your mail items domestically and internationally.

A comprehensive guide to sending your letters with Samoa Post, including standard delivery and Domestic Courier services are being provided for you to make a choice of what services that best suits your mailing requirements, provided within a world standard environment.

Sending Letters in Samoa

Everything you need to know about sending letters in Samoa, including delivery standards, domestic Tariff , Registered Post and domestic Courier Service (Express Mail Service).

Sending Overseas (International Services)

Your guide to sending mail including Ordinary, courier, parcels and registered mails overseas.



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Receiving and Organizing your Mail

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We offer a range of services to help manage your mail including post office boxes, private bags, redirecting services, as well as information on what to do when you receive a parcel card in your letterbox.


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Special Mail Services

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Samoa Post provides special services to meet your special mail needs. These are:

  1. Registration Service
  2. Parcel Post Service
  3. Courier Service (Express Mail Service – EMS)

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Dangerous Goods

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Safety regulations should be observed at all times, relating to sending particular items with Samoa Post, including information on exemptions and updates to our policy.


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