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Addressing Guidelines

Samoa Post recommends each sender to ensure that your address is Complete and Correct. The number of the street or posting box is correct, to ensure the prompt delivery of your postal items.

Incomplete or incorrect addresses will cause delays or non delivery of your postal items.
That's why it is important to address your mail clearly and correctly.The following information demonstrates how you can ensure your letters are addressed correctly.

It should also be noted that overseas administrations use machines for sorting, therefore the correct, clear and complete numbers and postcodes should be clearly written, following the examples provided below, for guidance.

Customers are oblige to include your returning address, to ensure that if your item is not delivered for one reason or another, Samoa Post will be able to return this letter to you.

Envelope Layout

It is important the zones on the envelope, indicated below, are observed at all times, and more important to include a correct post code if applicable for automated sorting in industrialized countries.

Domestic and International Letters Addressing:

Typically, the address should be written in four lines:

1: The top line should contain the recipient's name.

2:The second line should contain the number and name of the street, PO Box or Private bag or locked bag number if applicable.

3:The third line should contain the place name or post office of delivery.

4:The fourth line should contain the country of destination and postcode if applicable.

Where extra clarifying information is required, place this information above the last 2 lines of the address. This includes information such as:

-company or property name
-non-address information, e.g. Attention M/s.

General Addressing tips for letters sent Overseas

For mail item addressed overseas, it is recommended to take extra care in addressing your mail item as overseas administrations use machines for sorting mail items.

  • Use the correct postcode - don't guess it if you don't know it. The postcode should be the last item in the address.
  • Use clear print - print clearly using dark ink, preferably black on white. Red, yellow or orange inks should be avoided. 
  • Keep the address straight - the address lines should be parallel to the bottom of the envelope. 
  • Don't indent or stagger address lines - each line of the address should start at the same point on the left hand side.
  • Space words correctly - leave one or two character spaces between the place name or post office of delivery and the state or territory abbreviation, and the same amount of space between the state or territory abbreviation and the postcode.
  • Do not underline anything - no words in the address should be underlined.
  • Include a return address - place the sender's address in the top left corner, or on the back flap of the envelope. This ensures we can return the letter if it can't be delivered.

Machine Addressing tips

  • Use clear readable type. Ensure the print characters in the address do not touch or overlap. Samoa Post recommends using a fixed pitch type font such as Courier 12 point, 10 pitch.
  • Avoid using italics, artistic script, coarse dot matrix, extremely wide or narrow fonts.
  • Replace low toner and ink cartridges.
  • Addresses in window panel envelopes should be clearly visible through the window. No other information should appear through the window, together with the address, even if the content should move.
  • Do not use postcode squares for machine-addressed letters even if they are pre-printed on the envelope. 

    • Use envelopes pre-printed with the four postcode squares.
    • Print the four numerals of the destination postcode clearly within the squares.
    • Do not use the squares on hand addressed envelopes for overseas addresses - even if the overseas postal code can fit into the squares.
    • Print the place name and state or territory abbreviation on the bottom line in capital letters.



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