Parcel Service

International Parcels

Parcels consist of personal items, commercial items or gifts to be send internationally.
Rate and Services:

  1. Courier Parcel Service
  2. Airmail Parcel Service
  3. SAL Parcel Service

Parcel Features

  1. Minimum Weight – 2kg.
  2. Maximum Weight – 30kg.
  3. Sizes- should be 1.50 meters for any one dimension.
  4. Every parcel should be made up securely for conveyance over long distances, transshipped or handled many times, or protected against major changes in climate or temperature, etc., and packed in a way not to endanger the health of the handling officials.
  5. Should not fall within the list of Prohibited Items in the Post
  6. Whether sending a small sample or a large commercial order, you need to complete customs documentation.
  7. Senders of parcels are liable for the proper packaging of the contents of parcels to ensure they arrive in good condition.
  8. Samoa Post is not liable if damage is caused by inadequate packing.
  9. Compensation for total loss or damaged parcels varies according to the content of the parcel, with a maximum of $150.00.
  10. If you are unsure, if your item is prohibited or not, please check with list of prohibited items in the appropriate page.



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PHONE + 685-27640 EXTENSION 113 AND 119


Mon - Friday: 8.30am - 4pm

Saturday: Closed

Public Holidays: Closed

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